How does it all work?!

So you're interested, but haven't quite put all the pieces of the puzzle together? A good place to start is Wikipedia.

Curling is a sport in which players from two four-player teams take turns sliding stones across a sheet of ice toward a target area, known as the "house." Each team attempts to score points by getting its stones closer to the house center, or the "button," than the other team's stones.

Points are scored at the conclusion of each "end" (similar to an inning in baseball). The team with the stone closest to the button wins that end and is awarded one point for each of its own stones lying closer to the button than the opponent's closest stone.

The first three members of each team also sweep their teammates' stones.  Vigorous sweeping melts the ice in front of the stone, allowing it to travel farther and straighter.

The fourth member of the team is the team's "Skip."  The Skip stands at the far end of the sheet of ice and controls the strategy of the game.  This includes determining where each stone should land, whether it should move any of the already placed stones and when to sweep.  The Skip throws the last two stones of the end.

More so than in many other team sports, good sportsmanship, often referred to as the "Spirit of Curling," is an integral part of curling.  A match traditionally begins and ends with players shaking hands with and saying "good curling" to each member of the opposing team. It is also traditional for the winning team to buy the losing team a drink after the game.

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