A Curling Team has 4 players. From time to time a player is not available for a game so a replacement is required. The person who replaces the team member is referred to as a spare. The player who cannot curl is responsible to find a spare. Often a club member who isn’t curling at that time will spare for another but sometimes it can be difficult to find a spare.

It is not necessary that the spare be a member of the club. There is no sparing fee for club members. The fee for sparing for non club members is $10 per day. Sparing is a good way to get to know the game. The other members of the team will instruct you on how the game is played and show you how the rock is delivered (thrown), how to sweep, when and why. Although everyone wants to win, games are friendly. The main reason for curling is to have fun and to get some exercise.

The ice area of the club is cold but you will be warm playing the game. However, you should still wear warm cloths, warm gloves and clean shoes – sneakers are better.  Temporary sliders are available at the club and your team mates will show you how they work. The footwear must be clean so as not to dirty the ice which affects the curl of the rocks.

If you wish to spare, contact the club at (506) 523-9003 for more information.

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